This is the personal website of Tobias Klauser. You'll find some information about me, my interests and projects here.


See my GitHub profile for an overview of the Free and Open Source software projects I'm currently contributing to. Below is a list of selected projects:

past projects

Some of the projects to which I contributed to in the past or which I no longer actively maintain:

  • inotail – inotify enhanced tail (author and maintainer)
  • Debian – The free, universal operating system (packages overview)
  • grml – A Live-CD based on Debian GNU/Linux, containing lots of useful texttools
  • nios2ci – Collection of custom assembler instructions (in VHDL) for Nios II (author and maintainer)
  • uClibc – Nios2 porting work
  • – A community newsticker in german

talks & workshops



email: tklauser -at- distanz -dot- ch

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